Breakfast tacos


Breakfast tacos

The best meal of the day for me is breakfast so how do you make it even better? BREAKFAST TACOS!!!


6 tacos (soft shell made of corn flour)

1 avocado

2 Toulouse sausages

2 eggs

3 tablespoons salsa

2 table spoon minced fresh cilantro

enough of your favorite cheese (sharp cheddar for me here)

1 shallot

2 tablespoons chipotle powder

1/4 cup Greek yogurt

1 lime


First you empty the sausage and cook it in a pan adding 1 tablespoon of chipotle powder. The reason I used Toulouse sausage is because the only ingredients in them are salt and pepper so it’s easy to adjust it with your own seasoning and has a basic taste. Reserve in a warm oven.

Make the sauce. I just mixed the yogurt with 1 tablespoon of the chipotle powder with the juice of 1/2 lime with salt and pepper.

I also toasted my taco shells in a Panini maker but sometimes I just do it directly on the stove top.


Prepare all the other ingredients for the final assembly. (I cook my eggs last minute) Mince the cilantro, the shallot, grate the cheese, slice the avocado (squeeze the lime juice on it to prevent from browning). I also put the sauce in a squeeze bottle for a more dramatic effect!!!

Scramble the eggs and you’re ready for the final assembly! Tacos-cheese-sausage-salsa-avocado-eggs-cilantro-shallots-sauce



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