Homemade chili flakes

IMG_2605 IMG_2622Ok I know that making your own chili flakes or powder is not a necessity and it probably costs the same to buy it already made, but it’s just fun to say you made it yourself!


Chili peppers!!!


Dry your chili peppers! There are a few ways to dry your chilies, so here is the way I used and it works fast and well!

The first thing you want to do is separate the bad chilies from the good ones. If they don’t look good then don’t use them! Also you have to decide if you want seeds or not. I don’t mind the seeds and I think it makes the flakes or powder even hotter!

If you don’t want the seeds, open the peppers and remove the seeds, but be careful, you should wear gloves because you’re gonna hurt yourself! If you don’t, wash your hands REALLY well before you touch your face, eyes and any sensitive place!!!

Preheat your oven to 175F and place the peppers on a cookie sheet. Put them in for about 7-8 hours with the door slightly opened so the air can circulate. The timing may vary with the size of the chilies, your oven, the humidity, etc…

You’ll know when they’re ready just by touching them. They’re going to be very light and crispy.

For the flakes, I remove the stems and crush them to my desired size with a mortar. If you want a nice chili powder, use a spice grinder.

If you want to make these, the best time is the end of summer, almost fall, when there is a bunch of them at the farmer’s markets and they are really inexpensive.



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